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Record ID Title Author Date
164 A $1.5 Billion Renewal of a Chicago Neighborhood Dunlap, David June 6, 1999
54 A Heritage Forgotten: Chicago’s First Cast Iron Front Buildings Gayle, Margot Summer 1978
61 A White Enameled Building Jenkins, Charles E. January - March 1895
160 Ah, Chicago: Build New Landmarks, Bash Old Ones Goldberger, Paul October 19, 1994
136 American High Art Terra Cotta   September 1894
388 Architectural Terra Cotta Lockhardt, William F. January 1931
65 Artisans’ Handiwork Restores Sheridan Plaza Constantine, Peggy July 8, 1983
58 Chicago: Champlain Building and Boston Store    
158 City Spots Terra Cotta Danger in Loop Bey, Lee December 17, 1998
52 Clothing Modern Skyscrapers: The Protective and Decorative Value of Terra Cotta as a Facing for Framed, Fireproof Buildings Carson, A.B. February 24, 1930
157 Crumbling Buildings Put Task Force in Motion Allen, Jim November 9, 1998
13 Daniel Hudson Burnham and His Associates Wight, Peter B. July 1915
64 Facelift for a Loop Landmark: Saving a Burnham Masterpiece Knight, Robert M.  
56 Glimpse of Western Architecture Schuyler, Montgomery September 1891
60 Hyde Park’s Legacy of Architectural Terra Cotta Campbell, Edward A. July 1987
63 Marquette Building Renovation Johnson, Walker C. October 1979
55 Material Matters: Terra Cotta, Limestone and Brick Sarring, Kevin Lee and Theresa Ducato March/April 1984
51 Pity the Homeless or Burnt Out; The Great Chicago Fire; Items from the Great Fire    
1 Rationalizing the Skyscraper   May 1905
59 Romance - 1880-1893 Tallmadge, Thomas E. 1941
57 Steel and Terra-Cotta Buildings in Chicago and Some Deductions Twose, G. January 1894
587 Terra Cotta Restoration: An “Upclose and Personal” Inspection Can Lead to Accurate Cost Estimates Romano, Fred J. August 1993
161 Terra Cotta Threat Shuts City Block Richards, Cindy October 10, 1998
162 Terra-Cotta Fall Closes Monroe: Crews Rush to Start Fixing Shubert Building Sadovi, Carlos November 2, 1998
62 The New Schlesinger &; Mayer $1,000,000 Marble Building for Which Ground Will Be Broken May 1st.   January 1, 1898
163 The Rush to Clean Up Crumbling Masonry: Halting Plunging Terra Cotta, The ‘Missing’ City Ordinance Strahler, Steven R. November 28, 1988
165 Vertical Triumph: Reliance Building Restoration is a Vote for Old Glory Kamin, Blair October 17, 1999