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397     July 1929
398     January (?) 1903
407     October 1904
411   “B”  
526     June 1904
28 A General Survey of the First Terra Cotta Tour   1926
386 A Glimpse into the Future: Review of Research in Clay Industry and a Speculation of Its Future Progress Greaves-Walker, A.F. September 1932
465 A Great Industrial Exposition: Fine Examples of Architectural Terra Cotta   November 1921
91 A Monument in Brick: One of the World’s Greatest Buildings and Its Chief Decorative Features   July 1913
403 A Tribute to the Memory of James Taylor Bloomfield, Charles A. February 1899
629 American Art Tiles McClinton, Katharine M. November 1989
404 An Open Letter: To Every Worker in the American Terra Cotta Company “One of You” February 1921
458 Architectural Terra Cotta   November 4, 1913
494 Architectural Terra Cotta   August 1, 1913
321 Architectural Terra Cotta from a Business Standpoint Meyenberg, F. P. March 1886
328 Architectural Terra Cotta No. 10: Terra Cotta in Boston Taylor, James October 1887
330 Architectural Terra Cotta No. 13: Terra Cotta Clays - How They Are Prepared Taylor, James February 1888
331 Architectural Terra Cotta No. 15 [pt.1]: The Kilns Adapted to Burning Terra Cotta Taylor, James April 1888
332 Architectural Terra Cotta No. 15 [pt.2]: Where Ought Architectural Terra Cotta Factories to Be Erected Taylor, James May 1888
335 Architectural Terra Cotta No. 19: The Making of Models and Moulds for Forming Architectural Terra Cotta Taylor, James September 1888
336 Architectural Terra Cotta No. 21: The Burning of Architectural Terra Cotta Work Taylor, James November 1888
18 Architectural Terra Cotta, No. 2 - Fancy Bricks   February 1887
329 Architectural Terra-Cotta No. 12: Terra Cotta in New York - continued Taylor, James December 1887
445 Architecural Decorations in Terra Cotta Lockington, W.P. July 1903
333 Architecural Terra Cotta No. 17: Suggestions of Plans for Erecting Architectural Terra Cotta Factories Taylor, James June 1888
334 Architecural Terra Cotta No. 18: The Ventilation of Factories and the Drying of Terra Cotta Taylor, James July 1888
351 Art in Architecture: Some Fine Examples of Brick and Terra Cotta Buildings in Cleveland, Ohio   September 1909
352 Art in Ceramics Discussed at Summer Meeting of the New Jersey Clay Workers Association   July 1930
137 Art in Terra Cotta: Decorative Value of Baked Clay   October 27, 1893
622 Art Tile in Architecture: Special Designs in Mosaic Tiles in Both Modern and Oriental Patterns   December 1909
345 Art-Industry of Terra-Cotta: The Modern Counterpart of an Ancient Craft - Its Importance in Architectural Construction and Ornamentation Waterbury, Ivan C. August 1905
626 Arts and Crafts Tiles: An American Legacy of Handcrafted Designs in Clay Berman, Ann E.  
542 Better Merchandising: Some Pertinent Suggestions for the Building Up of better merchandising Practice in the Clay Products Industry   May 1928
139 Bricks, Tiles and Terra Cotta, Just Ready [advertisement for C.T. Davis’ A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Brick, Tile, Terra Cotta, etc.]   January 1887
552 burned clay decoration in a New Field   June 1914
355 Burned Clay Versus Concrete Construction: If Concrete Is Good It Isn’t Cheap. If Its Cheap It Isn’t Good.   May 1909
406 Burned Clay, The Best Medium for the Expression of Art in Architecture Gates, William D. February 1909
356 Chicago as a Clay Center: Extent of Its Common Brick Interests and Growing and Selling Importance in Other Lines of Clay Manufacture   January 1, 1911
639 Clay in Context Geibel, Victoria April 1988
389 Clay Products - Modernize Morrow, Irving F. April 1941
20 Clay Products of the United States   March 1909
656 Clay Products Play and Important Part in the Color Scheme of Los Angeles New City Hall Woods, Virginia August 1928
382 Clay Trade News from Eastern District   June 1932
140 Cover: The Clay-Worker   December 1885
144 Do You Burn Clayware or Money? [advertisement]   July (?)1903
358 Editorial   December 1920
496 Editorial Notes and Clippings   January 1923
489 Examples of American Brick and Terra Cotta Work No. 23: Architectural Terra Cotta at the American Art Industry Exhibition, Memorial Hall, Philadelphia, October and November 1889   January 1890
523 Examples of American Brick and Terra Cotta Work No. 37: A Terra Cotta Tablet   May 15, 1891
86 Examples of American Brick and Terra Cotta Work No. 9: The Geolet [sic] Building, cor. Twentieth Street and Broadway, New York City, N.Y. “Videx” October 1888
98 Examples of American Brick and Terra Cotta Work, No. 29   August 1890
146 Examples of American Brick and Terra Cotta Work, No. 5: Dormitory Buildings, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky “Videx” June 1888
147 Examples of American Brick and Terra Cotta Work; No. 40 [Hotel Ponce de Leon, St. Augustine, Florida]   August 15, 1891
497 Extrude Terra Cotta up to 24 In. Wide   April 1939
390 Face Brick and Terra Cotta - Today and Tomorrow Richardson, W.D. November 1933
409 Fathers and Sons in the Clay Industry: The Gates   March 1928
533 Fire at the Winkle Terra Cotta Co. Plant, St. Louis   June 1905
408 Gates Celebrates the Fourth at Terra Cotta “Scrip” July 1905
499 Here, There and Everywhere   August 1927
168 Hospital’s Terra Cotta Panels Spared from Wrecking Ball Gillerman, Margaret December 11, 1988
361 How Architectural Terra Cotta Is Made: Being a General Treatise on the Subject, with Methods of Manufacture, Machinery in Use and a Classification of the Clays Heubach, A. November 4, 1913
498 In Memoriam: Mr. Fritz Wagner Gates, William D. July 1920
466 Indianapolis Terra Cotta Company   March 1921
12 Louis Sullivan’s Clay Gardens Westerbeck, Colin February 1987
173 Manhattan Through a Warped Window: Featured in a Film: A Homeless Tour Guide’s Offbeat City View Bruni, Frank October 1, 1998
322 McCue’s Improved Brick &; Tile Kiln McCue, Harry May (?) 1887
431 Medieval Architecure Produced with Clay Products   April 1932
324 Modern American Front Brick, No. 18: Physical Testing   July 1899
380 Modern Brick Builder: “Ceramic Veneer” Used in Store Front Renewal for Streamlined Eye Appeal   June 1948
21 New Architectural Achievement with New England Special Molded Brick in the First Tower of Its Kind Woodworth, Harry Albro’ June 1931
99 New York Subways   June 1904
486 Noted Terra Cotta Manufacturer Dies at Fourth Lake, N.Y.   1920
519 O.W. Ketchum: Ornamental and Structural Burnt Clay Products   1929
399 Obituary: James Taylor, a Pioneer Terra Cotta Manufacturer and Writer   January 1899
19 Observations on the Present Esthetic Trend in Brickwork Grosskinsky, F. August 1928
320 Official Announcement and Programme: Fifth Annual Meeting of the National Brick Manufacturers’ Association, to be held in Indianapolis, Jan. 20,21, 22 &;23, 1891   January 15, 1891
400 Our Picture Gallery   November 1886
401 Pacific Coast News “Sunset” January 1911
24 Quaint Biloxi Pottery: George Ohr, the “No Two Pieces Alike” Genius and His Habitat Hutson, Ethel September 1905
460 San Francisco Skyscrapers: Two Splendid Examples of Coast Architecture in Which Burned Clay Plays a Prominent Part    
412 Shipping Notes   February 1921
402 Some New Jersey Plants Show Activity   February 1931
149 Terra Cotta Hynes, M.J. February 1899
529 Terra Cotta - Ancient and Modern   1899
96 Terra Cotta and Brick in Railroad Structures: The Important Part Clay Products Play in Railroad Construction Pointed Out by an Official of the New York Central Railroad   June 1930
340 Terra Cotta at the World’s Fair   August 1904
342 Terra Cotta in Architecture “Exchange” February 1885
317 Terra Cotta in Philadelphia Architecture Lockington, W. P. March 1897
548 Terra Cotta Tombstones   March 1885
439 Terra Cotta Work in Philadelphia   1896
365 Terra Cotta: A Definition and an Epitome Laurence, F.S. 1924(?)
500 Terra Cotta’s 75 Years in Chicago Sparkle with Architectural History Lucas, H.J. August 1941
323 Terra-Cotta in Architecture Meyenberg, F.P. August 1886
367 The Artistic Value of Fire Flashes and Discolorations of Burned Clay Products Mueller, H.C. February 1909 (1910?)
379 The Basic Structure of the Ceramic Industry Bleininger, A.V. July 1933
148 The Convention City: The National Capital, Where the Sixth Annual Meeting of the N.B.M.A. is to be held Jan’y 12 to 16 ‘92. Harries, George H. December 15, 1891
528 The Greatest Clayworking Establishment in America’s Greatest Clay Center Osborne, W.R. 1895
325 The Independence of Burned Clay As a Decorative Building Material Mueller, Herman C. 1900
544 The Little Terra-Cotta Man C.A.M. 1886
545 The Little Terra-Cotta Woman Crane, S.C. September 1886
440 The Manufacture of Architectural Terra Cotta in America Lockington, M.E. June 1905
319 The Masterpiece of the Clay Industry Exhibit: The Beauties of Terra Cotta and Faience   October 1904
492 The New York Terra Cotta Company   July 1886
648 The Place of the Tile in Decoration   October 1913
327 The Right Use of Terra Cotta “The Architect” September 1888
413 The Teco Inn: A Beautiful Grill Room in Hotel Radison, Minneapolis, Built Entirely of Products from the American Terra Cotta Company   April 1913
378 The Use of Overglazes for Polychrome Terra Cotta Bennett, A. Lee April 1926
493 Up the East River with a Kodak   September 1905
394 White Terra Cotta for Tunnel Road Markers   January 1938
414 Who’s Who in the American Terra Cotta Co.   July 1920
415 Who’s Who in the American Terra Cotta Co.   October 1920
416 Who’s Who in the American Terra Cotta Co.   November 1920
418 Who’s Who in the American Terra Cotta Co.   February 1921
417 Who’s Who in the American Terra Cotta Company   February 1921
532 Winkle Terra Cotta Works Ashby, George J.M. May 1904
410 “Side Issues” Gates, William D. January 1887