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Record ID Title Author Date
526     June 1904
550 A Plea for Color in Architecture Dulles, J.H. June 1914
650 A Portuguese Miracle in Tile: The Unique Renaissance Legacy of Palacio Frontiera Shrady, Nicholas 1993?
482 A Roof of Architectural Terra Cotta in Color, Mottled Green with the Ribs in Ceramic Gold   July 1930
572 A Word on Faience Robinson, Edward Wanton November 1908
369 Advantages in Using Architectural Terra Cotta Plusch, Herman A. 1917
23 American Ceramics -- A Brief Review of Progress Ruge, Clara March 1906
655 American Tile Art Valentine, Uffington July 1929
574 Architectural Faience Sturgis, Lawrence January 1907
573 Architectural Polychrome Decoration: An Analysis of Fundamental Principles Solon, Leon B. November 1917
388 Architectural Terra Cotta Lockhardt, William F. January 1931
536 Architectural Terra Cotta Durand, A.  
373 Architectural Terra Cotta - Its Rational Development Stapley, M. March 13, 1913, suppl.
349 Architectural Terra Cotta a Big Factor in New Building   May 11, 1911
350 Architectural Terra Cotta: Advantages, Uses and Design   1922
58 Chicago: Champlain Building and Boston Store    
475 Classic Ornament in Terra Cotta Lives Anew Because of Color Available Only to the Hand of the Designer in Terra Cotta   1930
656 Clay Products Play and Important Part in the Color Scheme of Los Angeles New City Hall Woods, Virginia August 1928
449 Color and Architecture   October 1939
476 Color and Texture   1924
553 Color Effects in Brick and Terra Cotta   July 1896
554 Color in Buildings   November 1914
459 Color Pioneers Nealey, J.B. June 1932
555 Color Spreads Glories on City’s Architecture   January 27, 1907
564 Colored Terra Cotta on Recent Buildings Lovett, Eva October 1908
651 Cream of Dresden Radkai, Marton  
647 Decorating with Victorian Ceramic Tiles Pilling, Ron Spring 1984
447 Denver Terra Cotta Company, Founded 1911 Turnquist, Thomas  
183 Design Notebook: Terra Cotta Adds Color to City Buildings Goldberger, Paul September 15, 1983
391 Developing a High-Fired Terra Cotta Stearns, W.F. November 1932
497 Extrude Terra Cotta up to 24 In. Wide   April 1939
451 Federal Seaboard Terra Cotta Corporation   1931
556 Glazed and Colored Terra-Cotta Croly, Herbert D. April 1906
360 League and T Square Club Exhibitions   January 1899
531 Legend Fitzpatrick, F.W. 1928
395 Monograph and Bibliography on Terra Cotta Wilson, Hewitt February 1926
485 New Jersey Terra Cotta Company   1928
490 New York Architectural Terra Cotta Company   1929
510 Northwestern Terra Cotta   1929
19 Observations on the Present Esthetic Trend in Brickwork Grosskinsky, F. August 1928
551 On the Use of Colored Terra-Cotta Blackall, C.H. February 1892
392 Overglaze Polychrome Cone No. 6 Strugholm, A.M. October 1931
51 Pity the Homeless or Burnt Out; The Great Chicago Fire; Items from the Great Fire    
561 Polychrome Terra Cotta Howe, Samuel February 28, 1912
575 Polychrome Terra Cotta Timmerman, Walter September 1933
387 Recent Developments in Architectural Ceramics Helme, J. Burn September 1933
563 Terra Cotta in Architectural Design: The Part of the Ceramic Chemist Laurence, F.S. February 1925
472 The Added Vigor of Color Can Best Be Given Modern Ornament by Designing in Terra Cotta   1930
142 The Advantages of Terra Cotta, No. II Croly, Herbert October 1905
367 The Artistic Value of Fire Flashes and Discolorations of Burned Clay Products Mueller, H.C. February 1909 (1910?)
568 The Ceramic Chemical Development of Architectural Terra Cotta Plusch, Herman A. April 1911
78 The Color Scheme of the Brooklyn Academy of Music   December 12, 1908
325 The Independence of Burned Clay As a Decorative Building Material Mueller, Herman C. 1900
433 The Most Colorful Spot in America   1924
375 The Park Avenue Building, New York City Solon, Leon April 1928
353 The Use of Ceramic Products in the Embellishment of Buildings Bragdon, Claude January 1917
378 The Use of Overglazes for Polychrome Terra Cotta Bennett, A. Lee April 1926
141 The Use of Terra Cotta in the United States: How It Has Increased, no. 1. Croly, Herbert July 1905
654 Tile Resources in Surface Embellishment   November 1914
143 What Terra-Cotta May Do De Kay, Charles July 13, 1895
417 Who’s Who in the American Terra Cotta Company   February 1921