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Record ID Title Author Date
526     June 1904
607     June 1906
610     October 1905
611     October 1911
612     April 1912
614     September 1895
91 A Monument in Brick: One of the World’s Greatest Buildings and Its Chief Decorative Features   July 1913
623 A New Standard of Tile Work Mueller, H. C. May 1914
92 A Terra Cotta Grill Room: The Cafe of the New McAlpin Hotel, New York City   March 1913
572 A Word on Faience Robinson, Edward Wanton November 1908
629 American Art Tiles McClinton, Katharine M. November 1989
566 Architectural Application of Faience Mueller, H. C. December 1916
574 Architectural Faience Sturgis, Lawrence January 1907
608 Architectural Faience: Faience Tile and Mantles   1907
622 Art Tile in Architecture: Special Designs in Mosaic Tiles in Both Modern and Oriental Patterns   December 1909
87 Audubon Park Movement   March 26, 1910
652 Beauty Behind the Paint and Glass   Winter 1995
272 Building of the Month: The Fred French Building for 1990s Tenants Dershowitz, Barbara April 1992
592 Clad Is Bad? The Relationship Between Structural and Ceramic Facing Materials Stratton, Michael 1997
638 Decorative Tile-Making - A Modern Craft and Its Ancient Origin   May 1914
633 Expert Opinion: Susan Tunick on American Decorative Tiles Tunick, Susan January 1990
558 Faience Decoration with Norseman Motif for Grill Room   July 1910
578 Fragile Remains: An International Review of Conservation Problems in the Decay and Treatment of Architectural Terracotta and Faience Fidler, John 1982?
613 Harford Faience Company Makers of Architectural Faience and Terra Vitrae   January 1905
616 Hartford Faience Company Ransom, David F December 1995
43 Investigations into the Durability of Architectural Terra-Cotta and Faience McIntyre, W.A. 1929
138 Lessons from the St. Louis Exposition, 1904 Binns, Charles F. 1905
41 Licence to decorate Hamilton, David July/August 1980
600 Modern Faience: Necessary Point of Contact Between Architect, Dealer and Manufacturer for Its Develoment Kohler, Emil February 1916
84 Novel Faience Planned for Tall Building in Fifty-sixth Street   November 6, 1926
615 Our Catalog H   July 1907
527 Rookwood Faience   February 23, 1907
273 Streetscapes: The Fred R. [sic] French Building: Refurbishing “Mesopatamia” Gray, Christopher May 24, 1992
340 Terra Cotta at the World’s Fair   August 1904
565 Terra Cotta for Bas-Relief McGlenahan, Glen May 1915
557 The Artistic Needs of Modern Faience Dressler, Conrad 1923
609 The Atwood Faience Company   December 1896
463 The Ceramic Art of William H. Grueby Eidelberg, Martin September 1973
577 The Conservation of Architectural Terracotta and Faience Fidler, John 1981
26 The Manufacture of Architectural Terracotta &; Faience in the United Kingdom Fidler, John  
319 The Masterpiece of the Clay Industry Exhibit: The Beauties of Terra Cotta and Faience   October 1904
567 The Origin and Development of Architectural Faience and Tiles Plant, Francis G. June 1911
38 The Terracotta Industry: Its Distribution, Manufacturing Process and Products Stratton, Michael Spring 1986
39 The Terracotta Revival Stratton, Michael 1982/83
644 Tiles in Home Decoration Le Boutillier, Addison B. August 1905