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Record ID Title Author Date
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345 Art-Industry of Terra-Cotta: The Modern Counterpart of an Ancient Craft - Its Importance in Architectural Construction and Ornamentation Waterbury, Ivan C. August 1905
391 Developing a High-Fired Terra Cotta Stearns, W.F. November 1932
144 Do You Burn Clayware or Money? [advertisement]   July (?)1903
393 Effects of Combustion Methods on Temperature Uniformity of Kilns and Furnaces Suffron, F.O. February 18, 1935
361 How Architectural Terra Cotta Is Made: Being a General Treatise on the Subject, with Methods of Manufacture, Machinery in Use and a Classification of the Clays Heubach, A. November 4, 1913
462 Marvin &; Janet Hautala Discover Vintage brick kiln in Qby [Queensbury] Cederstrom, David Dec. 29, 1992 - Jan. 13, 1993
322 McCue’s Improved Brick &; Tile Kiln McCue, Harry May (?) 1887
395 Monograph and Bibliography on Terra Cotta Wilson, Hewitt February 1926
464 The Plant of the IIlinois Terra Cotta Lumber Co., Chicago   1900
143 What Terra-Cotta May Do De Kay, Charles July 13, 1895