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160 Ah, Chicago: Build New Landmarks, Bash Old Ones Goldberger, Paul October 19, 1994
223 Battle Rages Over a Building’s Angels Dunlap, David W. October 26, 1997
212 Building Demolition Provokes a Clash with Preservationists Lueck, Thomas J. March 6, 1997
182 Commercial Property/The Preservation Specialty: Landmarks Plug Construction Gap Slatin, Peter January 15, 1995
73 Demolition Men Stelzer, C.D. December 14-20, 1994
111 End of an Error Matthews, Anne March-April 1999
170 Faded Jersey Movie Palace Edges Closer to Restoration Dunlap, David April 30, 1998
214 Fallen Facade Revives Theater-Razing Dispute Lawson, Carol June 9, 1982
49 Five &; Dime Design: The Legacy of Dime-Store Magnate Samuel H. Kress Lives on in Downtowns from Coast to Coast Thomas, Bernice L. January-February 1993
75 Heritage and the Cultural Politics of Preservation Kaufman, Ned January 1999
168 Hospital’s Terra Cotta Panels Spared from Wrecking Ball Gillerman, Margaret December 11, 1988
216 Merry-Go-Round Landmark Logic   March 21, 1994
224 Neighborhood Report: East Harlem: Ornate Old School Is Stripped of Gothic Details Kilgannon, Corey April 4, 1999
178 New Drama, of Deliverance, Comes to Old Movie Houses Cohan, Mark Francis July 9, 1995
204 New York Day by Day: Ballroom in Jeopardy Anderson, Susan Heller and Dunlap, David W. September 11, 1985
215 New York Is Tough Market for Magic Johnson’s Quest for a Multiplex Site Bagli, Charles V. March 4, 1998
316 Panel Says Crumbling Schools Pose Hazard to Students Finder, Alan June 22, 1995
217 Paradise Lost: Salvage Firms Bidding to Gut City’s Last Great Movie Palace Stevenson, Paul March 21, 1994 (?)
297 Perspectives: Starting the Rehabilitation Journey at Parkchester Oser, Alan S. April 18, 1999
131 Raiders of the Lost Art Fleischman, John May-June 1997
72 Razing Without Erasing - St. Louis’ Ambassador Building   September 8, 1996
206 Research Park Rising on Site of Audubon Ballroom Rozhon, Tracie June 11, 1995
172 Saving a Silver Screen in Jersey City   August 13, 1992
205 Site of Malcolm X Assassination Has an Uncertain Future   September 11, 1985
579 Stabilization and Repair of a Historic Terra Cotta Cornice Levine, Jeffrey S. and Donna Ann Harris September 1991
259 Stay Is Granted on Plan to Raze 2 City Theaters: Foes of Portman Hotel Gain a Delay in Court Lubasch, Arnold H. January 7, 1982
306 Streetscapes / Singer Building at Broadway and Prince Street: Style Standard for Early Steel - Framed Skyscraper Gray, Christopher June 29, 1997
203 Streetscapes/The American Surety Building: An 1890’s Skyscraper May Become a Landmark Gray, Christopher January 28, 1996
207 Streetscapes/The Beaux-Arts Apartments, 307 and 310 East 44th Street: A Matched Pair of 1930 Monuments to Art Deco Gray, Christopher November 2, 1997
213 Streetscapes: 34 Gramercy Park: The City’s Oldest Elevator System Is Being Replaced Gray, Christopher August 14, 1994
202 Streetscapes: Alan Garage-Franklin Hotel: Unusual combination for conflict Gray, Christopher June 4, 1989
208 Streetscapes: Bickfords: The Flaying of a Midtown East Art Deco Oddity Gray, Christopher July 18, 1993
222 Streetscapes: Readers’ Questions: House on Fifth, Tunnel Garage, a Brooklyn Office Gray, Christopher September 6, 1998
220 Streetscapes: Seaview Hospital: A TB Patients’ Haven Now Afflicted with Neglect Gray, Christopher July 16, 1989
221 Streetscapes: The 1914 Steward Building: A Delicate Work of Ceramic in the Path of a Tower Gray, Christopher July 22, 1990
209 Streetscapes: The Brinckerhoff Carriage House: The End of A Victorian Gem Gray, Christopher November 29, 1992
210 Streetscapes: The Bronx Zoo: Animal House Landmarks? Gray, Christopher July 19, 1992
218 Streetscapes: The Montauk Club: A Venetian Palace with a Native American Motif Gray, Christopher April 28, 1996
74 Taking Buildings Apart, Piece by Piece: An Interview with Larry Giles Merchant, Michael Summer 1997
15 The Architectural Legacy of Ward Wellington Ward   Fall/Winter 1997
595 The Preservation of Historic Glazed Architectural Terra Cotta Tiller, de Teel Patterson June 1979
581 The Sincerest Form of Flattery: Substitute Materials Have Lowered the Cost of Preservation - and Raised the Question: At What Point Is the Integrity of Historic Buildings Lost Fisher, Thomas November 1985
620 The Tileman’s Castles Freeman, Allen November/December 1996
169 There’s Little Hope in Sight for Treasures of St. Louis   January 2, 1997
219 These Grand Old Schools Nurtured a City: Some Say It Is Time to Tear Them Down Roane, Kit R. September 14, 1994
211 War Over Zoo: A Fantasy Land vs. Interaction Martin, Douglas March 19, 1996
181 Where a Hindu Temple in Flushing Sits Next to a Dutch Farmhouse in Flatlands O’Grady, Jim September 20, 1998
109 Who Wants Half a Memorial? Wolfe, Kevin June 1993
171 ‘Stop the Rot in Journal Square’: Jersey City Awards Go-Ahead on Movie-Palace Restoration Heavens, Alan J. October 1992
66 “Celluloid Cathedrals”