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265 A Palace for a New Magic Kingdom, 42d St. Muschamp, Herbert May 11, 1997
268 A Restoration Is Announced for 42d Street: Musical Producer Plans to Merge 2 Theaters Pulley, Brett July 20, 1995
123 A Spectacular Broadway Revival, the New Amsterdam Theater Glows on 42nd Street Once Again Margolies, John June 1997
253 An Old Jewel of 42d Street Reopens Seeking to Dazzle Families Goldberger, Paul December 11, 1995
122 Architecture: The New Amsterdam Theater - Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Revives Broadway’s Faded Star Goldberger, Paul November 1995
65 Artisans’ Handiwork Restores Sheridan Plaza Constantine, Peggy July 8, 1983
596 Blasting Away the Past Vescey, Esther October 14-20, 1999
274 Building Blocks In the Battle on AIDS   March 30, 1997
272 Building of the Month: The Fred French Building for 1990s Tenants Dershowitz, Barbara April 1992
586 Building on a Solid Foundation of Building Restoration   May 1992
235 Campus Modernization Report Hill, Joan M. Spring 1994
237 City College Facelift to Cost $170 Million Wise, Michael Z. February 1993
592 Clad Is Bad? The Relationship Between Structural and Ceramic Facing Materials Stratton, Michael 1997
244 Confluence of Wild Kingdoms   August 3, 1995
183 Design Notebook: Terra Cotta Adds Color to City Buildings Goldberger, Paul September 15, 1983
262 Disney Seals Time Square Theater Deal Martin, Douglas February 3, 1994
271 Disney Unveils Restored New Amsterdam Theater Weber, Bruce April 3, 1997
242 Esthetics and the Law Spurring Facade Restorations Goncharoff, Katya June 23, 1985
170 Faded Jersey Movie Palace Edges Closer to Restoration Dunlap, David April 30, 1998
279 Fire Wrecks the Oyster Bar, Tiled Oasis at Grand Central McFadden, Robert D. June 30, 1997
247 Forty-Second Street Part II: The Scenario Unfolds: Bright Lights, Big Towers Slatin, Peter December (?) 1993
578 Fragile Remains: An International Review of Conservation Problems in the Decay and Treatment of Architectural Terracotta and Faience Fidler, John 1982?
277 GE Takes the Total Approach to Facade Restoration   February 1991
278 Grandiose Central Terminal   May 9, 1990
594 Inspecting, Testing and Analyzing Terra Cotta Thomasen, Sven E.  
50 Interpreting Ca d’Zan: The Language of Restoration    
119 Koch to Restore Rare Tiles to Ceiling of Landmark Goldman, Ari L. June 8, 1987
41 Licence to decorate Hamilton, David July/August 1980
55 Material Matters: Terra Cotta, Limestone and Brick Sarring, Kevin Lee and Theresa Ducato March/April 1984
280 Neighborhood Report: Midtown: The Oyster Bar Is Itself Again, Less a Few Tiles Stamler, Bernard September 28, 1997
304 Neighborhood Report: Park Slope / Crown Heights: Old Bathhouse Comes Alive Stenhauer, Jennifer October 23, 1994
258 New 42d St., Old Theater: You’ll Find It Up the Block Lueck, Thomas J. June 5, 1996
126 On Site at 67 Wall Rossi, Dino 1992
229 One of a Kind: Historic Central Park Arcade Tile Ceiling One Step Closer to Restoration Duffy, Peter March 13-19, 1997
300 Postings: $1 Million Facelift: Preserving the Terra Cotta   March 8, 1992
227 Postings: $5 Million Refurbishing Next Spring in Brooklyn Heights: A Restoration for Historical Society   December 29, 1996
312 Postings: Age Will Be Served: The Terra-Cotta Decision   April 4, 1993
295 Postings: New York Life Renovates: A $4.1-Million Facelift for a 150th Birthday   July 10, 1994
245 Postings: Preparations Continue for Restoration of New Amsterdam Theater: Finding Traces of ‘an Enchanted Garden’.   March 26, 1995
124 Rally Kicks Off Reclaim Campaign   September 1990
657 Recreating Historic Tile Worsley, John C. 1987
117 Renewed and Improved   October 1983
40 Renovating Terra-Cotta Work on Birmingham’s Central Mission. Bristow, J. Alan June 1981
116 Renovation of Alwyn Court, New York City: Restoring the Facades and Improving Public Spaces Fitch, James Marston Summer 1980
583 Restoration and Maintenance of Architectural Terra Cotta Miske, Michael T. 1984?
118 Restoration of the Minton Tile Ceiling in the Bethesda Terrace Arcade Central Park Conservancy 1991
125 Restoring Century-Old Beauty at McAlpin   October 1992
585 Reviving a Landmark - Without the Headache   May 1992
252 Reviving a True Classic on West 42d Street Dunlap, David W. August 14, 1994
588 Solutions to 7 Common Errors in Masonry Restoration Snodgrass, Joel C. and Glenn Boornazian July/August 1995
129 Something to Make Us Proud Dolan, Thomas J. December 11, 1983
132 Special Facade Report   August 1988
593 Specifying Architectural Terra Cotta Krouse, John B. March/April 1997
579 Stabilization and Repair of a Historic Terra Cotta Cornice Levine, Jeffrey S. and Donna Ann Harris September 1991
225 Streetscapes / 180 West 58th Street: The Lavish ‘Studio Palace’ Called Alwyn Court Gray, Christopher April 6, 1997
238 Streetscapes / 33 Union Square: Islamic/Venetian Sliver, with Minaret Gray, Christopher December 18, 1994
276 Streetscapes / 570 Lexington Avenue: Columbia Restoring an Art Deco Masterpiece Gray, Christopher January 15, 1995
228 Streetscapes / Catholic Apostolic Church: On West 57th Street, a Striking Victorian Sanctuary Gray, Christopher July 7, 1996
233 Streetscapes / Church of the Holy Trinity: Soon They’ll Hear the Tintinnabulation of the Bells Gray, Christopher June 25, 1995
234 Streetscapes / City Center: From Shriners’ Mecca Temple to Mecca for the Arts Gray, Christopher April 11, 1999
240 Streetscapes / Eldridge Street Synagogue: A Prayer-Filled Time Capsule from the 1880s Gray, Christopher May 19, 1996
275 Streetscapes / Fuller Building: Art Deco Delight Seeks to Recapture Its Past Glory Gray, Christopher June 11, 1995
282 Streetscapes / Harperly Hall: Restoring an Arts and Crafts Co-Op Masterpiece Gray, Christopher November 13, 1994
286 Streetscapes / Marine Air Terminal: Restoring the Landmark Home of the Flying Fish Gray, Christopher October 1, 1995
303 Streetscapes / Prospect Park Boathouse: After a 1971 Restoration Fails, It’s Time to Re-Restore Gray, Christopher June 30, 1996
306 Streetscapes / Singer Building at Broadway and Prince Street: Style Standard for Early Steel - Framed Skyscraper Gray, Christopher June 29, 1997
226 Streetscapes / The Brooklyn Academy of Music: Restoring the Crown to a 1908 Queen of a Building Gray, Christopher August 6, 1995
283 Streetscapes / The Hendrick Hudson at Riverside Drive and 110th Street: A Decision to Save a Lump of Terra Cotta and Brick Gray, Christopher December 29, 1996
284 Streetscapes / The Immaculate Conception Church on East 14th: A Protestant Complex Converted to Catholicism Gray, Christopher July 26, 1998 1
285 Streetscapes / The Jewish Daily Forward Building: A Capitalist Venture with a Socialist Base Gray, Christopher July 19, 1998
293 Streetscapes / Wadleigh Secondary School: Renovating a 1902 Novelty Gray, Christopher September 19, 1993
313 Streetscapes: 44 West 77th Street: Restoration of an Altered Facade Gray, Christopher February 23, 1992
241 Streetscapes: 95 Madison Avenue: Overcoming the Fear of Terra Cotta Gray, Christopher August 30, 1992
236 Streetscapes: City College: A Case of Terra-Cotta Failure Gray, Christopher February 2, 1992
281 Streetscapes: How 61 Grove Street Lost Its Southeast Corner Gray, Christopher December 8, 1996
288 Streetscapes: Miss Keller’s School for Girls: Revlon’s Right-Touch Restoration Gray, Christopher May 31, 1992
294 Streetscapes: The 168th Street IRT Station: Vaulted Grandeur Deep Underground Gray, Christopher April 21, 1991
254 Streetscapes: the Eltinge/Empire Theater: A Film Restores a Bit of 42d Street - in Faux Decay Gray, Christopher March 28, 1993
243 Streetscapes: The Flatiron Building: Suddenly, a Landmark Startles Again Gray, Christopher July 21, 1991
273 Streetscapes: The Fred R. [sic] French Building: Refurbishing “Mesopatamia” Gray, Christopher May 24, 1992
589 Technics: Restoring with CAD and Camera Stein, Carl August 1993
287 Terra Cotta On West 42d Street (letter) Tunick, Susan March 28, 1999
582 Terra Cotta Replacement: Is It Real, or Is It GRFC? Labine, Clem May-June 1994
599 Terra Cotta Restoration, Part I: Organizing the Successful Survey Hunderman, Harry J., Deborah J. Slaton, and Susan M. Tindall Fall/Winter 1984
587 Terra Cotta Restoration: An “Upclose and Personal” Inspection Can Lead to Accurate Cost Estimates Romano, Fred J. August 1993
121 Terra Cotta Triumphs Stubbs, Stephanie February 1991
120 Terrace in Central Park Lacks Its Ornate Ceiling Neuffer, Elizabeth June 7, 1987
577 The Conservation of Architectural Terracotta and Faience Fidler, John 1981
250 The House Beautiful: Once New York’s Grandest Theater, The New Amsterdam Fell into Ruin Caffall, Brian December 16, 1997
595 The Preservation of Historic Glazed Architectural Terra Cotta Tiller, de Teel Patterson June 1979
598 The Restoration of New York City’s Terra Cotta Facades Yates, Jerome S. May 1992
581 The Sincerest Form of Flattery: Substitute Materials Have Lowered the Cost of Preservation - and Raised the Question: At What Point Is the Integrity of Historic Buildings Lost Fisher, Thomas November 1985
128 The Woolworth Tower: A Technology Revisited, A Material Understood, A Landmark Restored Gaskie, Margaret F. Mid August 1981
251 Theater: A Landmark Reveals Its Glories Dunlap, David W. August 25, 1996
257 Times Square: Historic Theater to Get Overhaul Hischfeld, Julie 1994
314 To Recapture an Uptown Elegance Slesin, Suzanne June 4, 1992
165 Vertical Triumph: Reliance Building Restoration is a Vote for Old Glory Kamin, Blair October 17, 1999
42 When Mary Came to the Temple Musson, Jeremy June 19, 1997
36 ‘Fancy Concrete’ Puts Company on Top Davis, Mark November 22, 1993
171 ‘Stop the Rot in Journal Square’: Jersey City Awards Go-Ahead on Movie-Palace Restoration Heavens, Alan J. October 1992