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Record ID Title Author Date
97 C.B.J. Snyder, Superintendent of School Buildings, Sets the Stage for Public Art Cohen, Michele 1998
224 Neighborhood Report: East Harlem: Ornate Old School Is Stripped of Gothic Details Kilgannon, Corey April 4, 1999
316 Panel Says Crumbling Schools Pose Hazard to Students Finder, Alan June 22, 1995
131 Raiders of the Lost Art Fleischman, John May-June 1997
291 Streetscapes / Charles B.J. Snyder: Architect Who Taught a Lesson in School Design Gray, Christopher November 21, 1999
293 Streetscapes / Wadleigh Secondary School: Renovating a 1902 Novelty Gray, Christopher September 19, 1993
288 Streetscapes: Miss Keller’s School for Girls: Revlon’s Right-Touch Restoration Gray, Christopher May 31, 1992
292 Streetscapes: Public School 165: The ‘Palace Design’ Proves a Durable One Gray, Christopher May 17, 1992
209 Streetscapes: The Brinckerhoff Carriage House: The End of A Victorian Gem Gray, Christopher November 29, 1992
219 These Grand Old Schools Nurtured a City: Some Say It Is Time to Tear Them Down Roane, Kit R. September 14, 1994