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Record ID Title Author Date
52 Clothing Modern Skyscrapers: The Protective and Decorative Value of Terra Cotta as a Facing for Framed, Fireproof Buildings Carson, A.B. February 24, 1930
4 Exterior Architecture of Office Buildings Hood, Raymond M. September 1924
133 Hefty Steel Keeps Tower Hanging   May 19, 1983
5 Our Skyscrapers Take Simple Forms: New York Style of Steel and Stone Sloughs Off Cluttered Decoration of the Past Kahn, Ely Jacques May 2, 1926
3 Raymond Hood Adams, Rayne March, 1931
460 San Francisco Skyscrapers: Two Splendid Examples of Coast Architecture in Which Burned Clay Plays a Prominent Part    
309 Streetscapes / 111 and 115 Broadway: Twin Gothic Towers That Changed City’s Geography Gray, Christopher February 23, 1997
370 The Rise of Terra Cotta: And How the Skyscraper Helped It - Polychrome Effects Now Being Sought by Architects - Notable Examples of Recent Work Powell, William H. April 3, 1909