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28 A General Survey of the First Terra Cotta Tour   1926
386 A Glimpse into the Future: Review of Research in Clay Industry and a Speculation of Its Future Progress Greaves-Walker, A.F. September 1932
363 A History of Architectural Terra Cotta King, Harry Lee February 1914
135 About Terra Cotta   January 1886
388 Architectural Terra Cotta Lockhardt, William F. January 1931
321 Architectural Terra Cotta from a Business Standpoint Meyenberg, F. P. March 1886
330 Architectural Terra Cotta No. 13: Terra Cotta Clays - How They Are Prepared Taylor, James February 1888
336 Architectural Terra Cotta No. 21: The Burning of Architectural Terra Cotta Work Taylor, James November 1888
350 Architectural Terra Cotta: Advantages, Uses and Design   1922
445 Architecural Decorations in Terra Cotta Lockington, W.P. July 1903
345 Art-Industry of Terra-Cotta: The Modern Counterpart of an Ancient Craft - Its Importance in Architectural Construction and Ornamentation Waterbury, Ivan C. August 1905
354 Brick and Tile Production in 1923 Placed at $331,883,549   March 14, 1925
29 Bulmer Brick and Tile Company Perry, Pam November/December 1982
53 Chicago’s Architectural Terra Cotta Darling, Sharon S. February 1982
382 Clay Trade News from Eastern District   June 1932
391 Developing a High-Fired Terra Cotta Stearns, W.F. November 1932
497 Extrude Terra Cotta up to 24 In. Wide   April 1939
409 Fathers and Sons in the Clay Industry: The Gates   March 1928
578 Fragile Remains: An International Review of Conservation Problems in the Decay and Treatment of Architectural Terracotta and Faience Fidler, John 1982?
361 How Architectural Terra Cotta Is Made: Being a General Treatise on the Subject, with Methods of Manufacture, Machinery in Use and a Classification of the Clays Heubach, A. November 4, 1913
359 How Terra-Cotta Is Made Eskesen, Erhardt V. April 3, 1909
43 Investigations into the Durability of Architectural Terra-Cotta and Faience McIntyre, W.A. 1929
362 Looking Backward in the Terra Cotta Field Hottinger, A.F. January 1923
318 Manufacturing Fire-proof Building Material at Perth Amboy “Wanderer” July 25, 1891
395 Monograph and Bibliography on Terra Cotta Wilson, Hewitt February 1926
490 New York Architectural Terra Cotta Company   1929
46 Preliminary Note on Manufacture of Terra-Cotta and Its Relation to Weathering Properties McIntyre, W.A. October 1926
33 Reign of Terra Garratt, Pat November 1989
583 Restoration and Maintenance of Architectural Terra Cotta Miske, Michael T. 1984?
366 Scheduling in a Terra Cotta Plant Mawby, Pennsyl February 1923
537 Terra Cotta Elliott, Cecil D. 1992
529 Terra Cotta - Ancient and Modern   1899
563 Terra Cotta in Architectural Design: The Part of the Ceramic Chemist Laurence, F.S. February 1925
341 Terra Cotta in Architecture   December 1879
437 Terra Cotta Molds an Old-Fashioned Art Hovey, Bradshaw November 10, 1986
439 Terra Cotta Work in Philadelphia   1896
323 Terra-Cotta in Architecture Meyenberg, F.P. August 1886
27 Terra-Cotta Manufacture Is an Endangered Craft Fidler, John June 1981
568 The Ceramic Chemical Development of Architectural Terra Cotta Plusch, Herman A. April 1911
577 The Conservation of Architectural Terracotta and Faience Fidler, John 1981
440 The Manufacture of Architectural Terra Cotta in America Lockington, M.E. June 1905
26 The Manufacture of Architectural Terracotta &; Faience in the United Kingdom Fidler, John  
32 The Manufacture of Terra Cotta Rix, Wilton P. May 1, 1900
464 The Plant of the IIlinois Terra Cotta Lumber Co., Chicago   1900
38 The Terracotta Industry: Its Distribution, Manufacturing Process and Products Stratton, Michael Spring 1986
39 The Terracotta Revival Stratton, Michael 1982/83
141 The Use of Terra Cotta in the United States: How It Has Increased, no. 1. Croly, Herbert July 1905
143 What Terra-Cotta May Do De Kay, Charles July 13, 1895
532 Winkle Terra Cotta Works Ashby, George J.M. May 1904