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590 Analysis of In-Service Architectural Terra Cotta: Support for Technical Investigations Stockbridge, Jerry G. 1986
591 Evaluation of Terra Cotta on In-Service Structures Stockbridge, Jerry G. 1980
594 Inspecting, Testing and Analyzing Terra Cotta Thomasen, Sven E.  
381 Standardization of Tests for Terra Cotta Bodies and Glazes Clare, R.L. December 1934
584 Surface Analysis of Architectural Terracotta: Including New and Soiled Examples, and Pieces Treated with a Hydrofluoric Acid-Based Cleaning Solution Moynehan, C.R., et al. March 1995
599 Terra Cotta Restoration, Part I: Organizing the Successful Survey Hunderman, Harry J., Deborah J. Slaton, and Susan M. Tindall Fall/Winter 1984