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ID 187
Title Streetscapes/The Beresford, the San Remo, the Majestic, the El Dorado, the Century: Namesake Precusors of Central Park West’s Towers
File Box 1, Location - United States - New York City
Vance Bibliography  
Author Gray, Christopher
Source New York Times
Date September 14, 1997
Year 1997
Pages Sect. 9, p. 7

Apartment Houses
Theaters - New York City
Beresford (1889-1928)
Thomson, Theodore E.
San Remo (1891-1929)
Angell, Edward L.
Majestic (1894-1930)
Zucker, Alfred
El Dorado (1902-1929)
Neville &; Bagge
Century Theater (1909-1931)
Carrere &; Hastings

Photographs of the original El Dorado, Majestic, San Remo, and Beresford and the Century Theater