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ID 360
Title League and T Square Club Exhibitions
File Terra Cotta - Pre-1905
Vance Bibliography  
Source Brickbuilder
Vol 8
No 1
Date January 1899
Year 1899
Pages 23-26

Perth Amboy Terra Cotta Company
T Square Club Exhibition, Philadelphia
Architectural League Exhibition, New York
United States Immigration Station, Ellis Island (Boring &; Tilden)
Cope &; Stewardson
Taylor, J.K.
Janes &; Leo
Price, Bruce
Palmer &; Hornbostel
Randell, T. Henry
Nettleton &; Kahn


Photograph John C. Sims residence, Cope and Stewardson, Architects;
Lutheran Publication House, Philadelphia (elevation)
Garden and dormitories, Union League Club, Philadelphia
Store-front, enameled colored terra cotta, model, Perth Amboy Terra Cotta Company