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ID 396
Title Architectural Terra Cotta: Ornament Comes of Age in Chicago
File Terra Cotta - Companies - General
Vance Bibliography  
Author Burton, Timothy
Source Salvage One (?)
Date 1992 (?)
Year 1992
Pages 11-16

Architecural Ornament
Terra Cotta - History - United States
Chicago Terra Cotta Company
Loring, Sanford
Taylor, James
Northwestern Terra Cotta Company
American Terra Cotta &; Ceramic Company
Sullivan, Louis
Root, John Wellborn
Terra Cotta, Glazed
Midland Terra Cotta Company

Stock piece based on Louis Sullivan by Midland Terra Cotta Company
Knights of Pythias Temple, Chicago (detail)
Modeling Shop, Northwestern Terra Cotta Company
Art deco panels, Northwestern Terra Cotta Company
Excerpt of essay appears in Salvage One: Architectural Artifacts (Fall 1992): 3-4